Nuwabian Ancient Mystic Order Of Melchizedek You and the A.M.O.M. Book



Raahubaat from the AMOM,
We have reestablished ourselves after the kidnapping of our Master Teacher, Dr Malachi Z York El, known as Melchizedek, Amunubi Ruakptah. This book that has arrived from the master has been back into circulation for those who seek the true knowledge, we have a group we have started to emanate the conversation and those questions that need answering for us Moors. You and The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek book is a entry book for those who are interested in breaking the spell of ignorance, AMAM, Leviathan, Kingu. If interested after buying the book, you can speak to the high priests of the order, for any inquiries please ask and you will receive your answer. You can also find us on the UNNM website. Til then kosmosans, let peace be unto you!

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